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Nature, Access & Diversity

UK / Netherlands Collaborative Research Programme

21-23 September 2023


We Live Here, Oerol Festival and Activate Performing Arts are delighted to welcome you to a 3-day programme of talks, walks, dinners, performances and exhibitions exploring the themes of Nature, Access and Diversity. Together with delegates and contributors from the UK and Netherlands, we aim to examine barriers that people face in accessing, enjoying and feeling at home in natural landscapes, in terms of race, disability, economic background and gender.


This programme was developed by a curatorial team comprising Subathra Subramaniam, Marrigt van der Valk, Kate Wood, Simon Tubb and Tim Harrison. It asked questions such as: 'Why is there such a lack of diversity among the people who access, enjoy and manage our natural landscapes and green spaces? Why is it that people of colour often report feeling unwelcome in such environments? How are these experiences rooted in colonial histories and current social & cultural inequalities? What barriers to engaging with nature do people experience as a result of ethnicity, gender, disability and economic position. What role can the arts play in ensuring that everyone can access, enjoy and feel a sense of belonging in nature? 


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